GEM Media to produce Warley Woods Picnic in the Park 15 July 2012 program

GEM Media has agreed to work with Warley Woods Community Trust, to produce the program for the Warley Woods Picnic in the Park 15 July 2012 and to sell the advertising space in the program.

5000 programmes will be produced with the following specs:
A5 size
8 pages (3 pages adverts)
Full colour
Gloss paper
150gsm paper

3000 will be delivered with the Bearwood GEM June 2012 edition. 2000 will be distributed on the day of the event.

GEM Media launches Bournville GEM magazine

GEM Media has made a commercial decision to launch a new Bournville GEM to replace the Bartley Green GEM. The Bartley Green distribution will now move to Bournville.

GEM Media selling banner advertising for Bearwood On Ice 2011

GEM Media has agreed to work with Sandwell Leisure Trust, Sandwell Council and the Friends of Lightswood Park to sell advertising banner space around the ice rink at Bearwood On Ice 17-24 December 2011. 

Bearwood On Ice 2011 Media Pack

Bearwood on Ice 2011

GEM Media launches Edgbaston GEM magazine

GEM Media has made a commercial decision to launch Edgbaston GEM to replace the Warley GEM. The Warley GEM distribution will now move to Edgbaston.

Media Pack August 2011

 Edgbaston Gem 2011-08 Page 01

GEM Media launches 5 magazines

GEM Media has launched 5, A5 magazines: Harborne GEM, Warley GEM, Bearwood GEM, Quinton GEM and Bartley Green GEM.

Media Pack July 2011

Bartley Green Gem 2011-07 Page 01Bearwood Gem 2011-07 Page 01Harborne Gem 2011-07 Page 01Quinton Gem 2011-07 Page 01Warley Gem 2011-07 Page 01

Chamberlains has advertised in the GEM magazine since the magazine's relaunch in the new format and it really does work for us. As the magazine is local we do get lots of customers and other businesses coming to Chamberlains on the strength of what has appeared in GEM Magazine. We have tried other forms of advertising, but we have stuck with GEM as every month it brings in new people to the business. In addition the team are very professional and easy to work with and don't just operate your normal 9-5pm hours, so given the nature of the restaurant industry, this makes communication much more flexible for me. In a nutshell GEM has been brilliant to work with and has a refreshing approach to their advertising and I am happy to recommend them.

— Simon Shaw, Co-owner
Chamberlains Quality Fish & Chips Restaurant