We use CACI's Acorn demographics to determine who receives a copy of GEM Magazine through their letterbox.

"GEM Media's business depends upon targeting the correct locations for our magazines. The Acorn segmentation supplied by CACI has enabled us to better understand the local community, develop a focused marketing strategy and ensure we don't waste the advertisers' budget or our resources targeting locations which have the wrong demographic." Evelyn Armstrong – Managing Editor

Using the ACORN segmentation model and ACORN coding, GEM's target market is middle aged or older people, the 'baby-boomer' generation, predominate with many empty nesters and wealthy retired, living in Harborne, Edgbaston, Moseley, Solihull, Sutton and Birmingham City Centre. With household incomes in excess of £60, 000 - £100,000+ per annum.

Lavish Lifestyles Acorn demographics targeted by GEM Magazine:

  • Large house luxury - These families are living in large detached houses that are usually expensive both in terms of the local area and nationally. A significant proportion will have paid off their mortgage. A high proportion will own a second property, either abroad or in the UK. The family may have a number of luxury cars and can afford frequent and expensive holidays. They have the money to spend freely and frequently on their credit cards. A high proportion will be earning six figure salaries. Most own their house and many have significant savings and investments. The proportion of families investing in shares will be three times the national average.

"Detached cars... expensive holidays... focused online activity... significant savings and, culture, wine...antiques"

Social media does not hold great influence with most of these people. Similarly their online activity avoids entertainment and socialising. Music, video, games, gambling, blogging and discussion forums are unlikely to be for them. It is more likely that they will use their phones and iPads for focussed online activity.

For more information on Acorn visit CACI/Acorn website.

In 2012, GEM Media worked with Warley Woods Community Trust to produce a professional programme for our flagship event our Picnic in the Park. We had produced a programme in 2011, but it had taken volunteers hours to sell the advertising space, the costs didn't work out for us and then when it rained on the day, all that work and effort just ended up in the recycling bins. With GEM Media, they used their professional staff and contacts to swiftly sell the advertising space and produce a fantastic looking product. They also used their delivery network which meant the programmes helped promote the event, made the print run cost even more effective and made sure the advertisers had exposure beyond the event and the day of the event. A real win-win for us all. Without GEM Media, we probably wouldn't have a programme at all. Thanks to them we have a great cost effective product, giving us and the advertisers real exposure around our local area.

— Viv Cole
Warley Woods Community Trust Manager